Tula Toddler Carrier – A Review!

Tula Toddler Carrier – A Review!

Hi babywearing mamas!

Today, I bring you a little treat from my favorite online boutique SugarBabies. You might remember them from my Blanqi Body StylerSimple Wishes All In One Nursing Bra, & Nuroo Nursing Scarf reviews. If you have not noticed, I am addicted to this little one stop shop as it suits all of my MY and my son’s needs.

Today, I am reviewing the Tula Toddler Carrier in the Skulls print. I was so excited to receive this carrier because I had heard nothing but stellar things about Tula!


Since this Tula is a toddler carrier (they make infant carriers as well), it carries children from 18 months of age (or weighing 25 lbs.) up until 4 years old (maximum weight 50 lbs.) My little man is a sweet little chunk so this was perfect for him!

Let me start off by saying the skulls print is freaking adorable. I have gotten countless compliments and comments on the pattern. I chose this print because it is girly yet boyish and can be gender neutral, pretty much.

Here is an up close look at the skulls:



This carrier has definitely replaced my old favorite carrier-the Boba (not saying Boba isn’t good-it is!) but the Tula has a lot more adjustability with its straps making it more comfortable. My son also does not fuss in it! We take long walks in the Tula and even go shopping and grocery shopping with it.


It is a LIFESAVER. Plus, sometimes I do not feel like packing my jogging stroller to go out-this is a simple and nifty solution to it all. And it is easy and lightweight to pack!

It also comes in a huge variety of different prints, making it a little hard to choose one! Haha.


Overall, I would have to say that I am highly impressed with this carrier and it is definitely my favorite so far! Any babywearing mama certainly needs this in their life.


Check out SugarBabies and tell Ashley, the fabulous owner, that Fit Mommy sent you!

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