Sweet Dreams Nursery

Sweet Dreams Nursery

One of the many things we hope for at the beginning of everyday is to wake up to a well rested baby. What better way to promote rest than to send them off into dream land in a nursery that promotes just that, sweet dreams. While browsing Sugar Babies online, I came across the adorable sweet dreams nursery banner and “dreams” chevron sign and couldn’t help but go into design mode to create a calm and soothing nursery that will hopefully provide hours of uninterrupted baby sleep. I used a combination of neutrals and pops of aqua throughout the design. This sweet dreams nursery offers a warm and cozy place to settle down when it’s time for rest, yet it’s still whimsical enough to stimulate their little senses and encourage play. If you would like to transform your baby’s nursery into a sleep promoting haven like this one, everything your see here can be found at SugarBabies online!! Feel free to browse their amazing collection of adorable baby accouterment!


Crib: Stella- Athena Collection

Chest: Stella – Athen Collection

Sweet Dreams Nursery Banner: Twelve Timbers

Chevron Dream Wall Panel: Twelve Timbers

Chevron Rug: The Rug Market

“Kiss Me Goodnight” Pillow: Twelve Timbers

Coat Rack: Twelve Timbers

Swaddle Blanket: Aden & Anais

Polkadot Letters: Sugar Babies

Octo Nightlight: Twinkles To Go

Aqua Lush Blanket: SugarBabies

Blue Photo Frame: Renditions

Personalized Aqua Nightlight: SugarBabies


Melissa I am Melissa, a military wife to my loving and supportive husband Ryan and mom to our precious baby girl McKenzie. While we were waiting on our little miss McKenzie to arrive, I found enjoyment in browsing inspirations for McKenzie’s nursery and future milestone celebrations! Searching the web on all things baby related was and still is my guilty pleasure. So I created Fawn Over Baby Blog as a way to share fun and unique ways to create a bright and beautiful world for your baby. From Baby Nursery Designs to Baby First Birthday Party, you will find lots of baby inspired goodies that will hopefully help spark your creative side!

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