How I Survived the First 10 Weeks!

How I Survived the First 10 Weeks!

I’ve survived two months with a newborn and a four year old! At times I didn’t think I would survive but here I stand. Sleep is scarce these days and now I remember what it’s like to constantly walk around with the lingering smell of puke or baby poop, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I especially love watching the relationship between my boys develop. Cayden is an awesome big brother and Jack could watch him play for hours, usually with a smile on his face! Having a new baby in the house isn’t always easy but I’ve found a few items that I contribute to my survival over these past 10 weeks.

1. Ergo baby Carrier

During my pregnancy, I told myself I’d never tell my four year old I couldn’t help him because I was holding the baby. I think the first words out of my mouth were “I can’t right now, I’m holding your brother.” It’s not always possible to give both of your children the attention you would like, especially at the same time. But I’ve realized that baby wearing is crucial in my house. I’m giving Jack the feeling of being cuddled, while still having my hands free to play with Cayden and get house hold chores done. No more tired arms or frustrated siblings! Within minutes of Jack being in the Ergo, he’s asleep! It’s like magic!

Shop: Ergo Baby Carrier in Starburst $119.99 (photographed with added infant insert similar style $24.99)


2. Aden + Anais Burpy Bib

Bibs Burp cloths are almost more of a hassle then they are help. Fussing with trying to get it to stay on your shoulder and by the time you lift the baby to your shoulder, it’s fallen. If you can manage to keep it on you, it’s usually not big enough to actually catch the spit up. It’s always about an inch to the right or the left, and all over your shirt. The Aden + Anais burpy bibs were obviously created by a parent who understood this struggle! It is long enough to actually go over your shoulder so it stays in place and it is perfectly shaped to fit mom/dad and catch baby’s spit up!

Shop: Aden + Anais Burpy Bib in Twinkle $22.00 (set of two)


3. Baby Swing

A baby swing like the Chicco Polly swing is a must-have! I didn’t have a swing with my oldest and I’m not sure how that was possible! Jack loves the swinging motion and usually falls right to sleep in it. It’s at the perfect level, off the ground and high enough for him to see what’s going on. It’s perfect if I need to set him down for just a few minutes, or even for a nap!

Shop: Chicco Polly Swing in Graphica $149.99

I know these last two months would have been a lot more difficult without these three items and all can be found at SugarBabies! Good luck to all my fellow mommas of newborns! (We can sleep again in 10 years)

My name is Jessica and I’m the mommy to a sweet and high-spirited 4 year old boy, and have another little boy on the way! I’m a stay-at-home mom and enjoy planning play dates, activities, and arts and crafts to keep us busy!

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