SugarBaby Celebrities in Matching Sibling Outifits

SugarBaby Celebrities in Matching Sibling Outifits

If you follow our Instagram you would have seen OUR adorable clothes on a special celebrities babies recently.

The hosts of the show Flip or Flop on HGTV,  Tarek and Christina El Moussa, recently added a little boy to their adorable family. They now have a little girl, Taylor, and Brayden. We are all huge Flip or Flop fans over here at  SugarBabies.

Not only do we love following their Instagram, we now have even more reason! Our adorable Little Brother, Big sister shirts were used for their newborn photo-shoot!! To say we were honored and excited would be an understatement. We now have SugarBaby Celebrities 🙂

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These pictures are absolutely so sweet and we love the adorable brother sister outfit combo. If you are adding a new sibling to the family and want this look you can get it at SugarBabies. The above Little Brother Onesie is the perfect, comfy outfit to show off your tiny new newborn.

Shop SugarBabies- Big Sister Tee

This pink and gold glitter Big Sister Tee will be her favorite shirt for a while. Big sister’s are so proud to be big sister’s and the fact they are matching will make her so excited. And it’s gold and glitter right?!

Don’t fret if you don’t have the same gender birth order 🙂 We have a Big Brother Tee  for our older brothers, a Little Sister Onesie for the newest little baby girl. We literally have ya covered for all possible outfit scenario’s!

Now take a look at Tarek and Christina’s adorable pictures in their bathroom at home…


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We absolutely love our SugarBaby celebrities in matching sibling outfits! Keep the pictures coming guys, we love seeing them! #shopsugarbabies

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