Stroller Accessories- Life Made Easier

Stroller Accessories- Life Made Easier

Not all strollers are designed the same. You have some strollers that are extremely practical, and some that just aren’t. Some are VERY pretty and look nice, but don’t hold up in the practical department. I have had my experiences with both. Either way every mom, stroller, and child will thank you for this list of stroller accessories that will make your life so very much easier!

Diaper Bag Clips

This is such a necessity. Be realistic. You have one toddler, one 6 year old and an infant. Are you really going to carry your diaper bag while pushing the stroller and batting at the toddler to stop touching everything at the store? No. You’re not 🙂 These clips are a lifesaver. They easily clip on to any handle bar/push bar on any stroller. Then you clip your diaper bag on and VOILA. Hands free access to your diaper bag. Now you have another hand free to pick the Binky off the floor for the fiftieth time.

Shop SugarBabies- Diaper Bag Clips

Stroller Organizer

Organizer. Need I say more? You have a cup holder for your latte and that’s about it in most strollers these days. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have other things you need at the ready. You have a cell phone, spare Binky, keys, bottle ready to go and the list goes on. This will hold EVERYTHING. It has separate compartments for all your small items, and will even hold a bottle and drink to boot. Such a great invention for busy on the go moms who seem to loose their cell phone or keys in the bottom of the diaper bag every time. Just me?

Shop SugarBabies- Stroller Organizer

Stroller Bar Toy/Snack Holder

I love my stroller. It’s literally the Bentley of all strollers. But it is one of those strollers that is lacking in the functional-for-a-toddler department. It has not snack holder, cup holder area on the stroller bar for him to keep any toys, juice, or little goldfish. When I am out shopping I am having to stop, feed him and continue on….when all he wants is to do it himself when he wants it. A strap-on device that would let him play, eat and drink on his time? This would be a necessity. It would allow me to get two hours out of him at the mall vs. 30 minutes 😉      (Not sure if this is good or bad…)

Shop SugarBabies- Stroller Bar Snack/Toy Holder

Bundleme Stroller Liner

As we head into the colder months, this will be such a great accessory for your stroller and little one. I know we love to go to numerous outdoor things in the fall/winter time as a family. Pumpkin patches, zoo lights etc. It can get COLD. Not only that but how many times does your baby/child throw the blanket off the stroller and it gets lost or you roll over it. Over and over and over and over. With this awesome liner this isn’t a problem anymore. The sack easily attaches with the shoulder straps/harness on your stroller. You put your child in and zip it up, keeping them warm and bundled. You don’t have to worry about them being too cold or losing a blanket.

Shop SugarBabies- Bundleme stroller linerRide Along Board

This invention is one of my favorites. For a mom with multiple kids it can be quite daunting to go anywhere in public. The fear of your toddler running off or complaining there little legs are too tired to walk anymore. Problem solved. There are numerous versions of this that go with different brands of strollers. The one I am linking is for an UPPAbaby Vista. It hooks on to the back of the stroller and is a little stand with wheels for another child to hold onto and basically “catch a ride.” It is easy, and your older child will love it!

UppaBaby Vista PiggyBack - SugarBabies

These are just a few of our favorites. All items listed will no doubt make your travel/outings SO much easier!! Let us know your favorite stroller accessory in the comments!

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  1. Love it all! I am having my third baby and I just received my first stroller clip as a gift and can’t wait to use it! Thinking back to my first 2, I don’t know why I didn’t try some of these sooner! It would of been so much less stressful to take them places

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