Prepare Your Preschooler For Baby – One Mom Shares 3 Excellent Tips

Prepare Your Preschooler For Baby – One Mom Shares 3 Excellent Tips

There is nothing more exciting then imagining ending those long nine months of pregnancy and bringing home your adorable new baby! But if you are like me, and have a busy preschooler at home, this might also be quite frightening. I’m sure a lot of things will be familiar to me- sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, spit up stains, etc. but I’m also aware that things will be very different at the same time. I will soon be sharing and dividing my time, focus and energy between two children. I’m sure nothing can truly prepare you for doubling your mommy duties but I’ve found a few things that have helped us prepare so far!

1. Talking, talking, talking

Preschoolers are busy and have very short attention spans so I’ve been trying my best to constantly talk about the new baby! We talk about the things he can do to help mommy, things he can teach his new baby brother, and how things will be changing at home. The more we talk about these things, the more my son seems to mentally adjust to the ideas.

2. Making the big sibling feel special

I recently had a friend send a baby gift to the house and along with it a “big brother” gift. I thought this was a wonderful idea! During the pregnancy, everything bought seems to be for the baby so it was special for big brother to receive a gift too! I also signed up for “mommy and me swim lessons”. I wanted him to have an activity that was just him and mommys thing. I plan to keep this going once the baby has arrived. I think it will be important to have activities that are still all about him!

3. Stick to routine

I’ve always parented with a lot of routine and structure. Our days usually involve a play date, the children’s museum, a bouncy house, or arts and crafts at home, along with our quiet time. During my pregnancy, I’ve been sick and exhausted but I’ve tried my hardest to keep some normalcy to our days. I know having a newborn around with disrupt this at times but I’m hoping I can keep the structure at home similar for big brother! I’ve also invested in a couple great baby carriers to help with this too!

I can’t wait to experience all of these wonderful and chaotic changes first hand- and be able to share some ideas and products that make it all easier!


My name is Jessica and I’m the mommy to a sweet and high-spirited 4 year old boy, and have another little boy on the way! I’m a stay-at-home mom and enjoy planning play dates, activities, and arts and crafts to keep us busy!