PostPartum Tips

PostPartum Tips

There are SO many things they don’t tell you. Your entire 9 months you are getting advice from every friend, mother, stranger and random person you are in the target line with. But how come no one gives you advice on what’s to come AFTER little one arrives? We want to be that person for you. No one should go into this alone! Here are some postpartum tips you won’t want to misplace.

They didn’t tell you:

  • You will have to labor your Placenta. Yes. As weird as it sounds you will actually give birth to your placenta after your child. I did not know this was a “thing” when I was delivering. You will have just spent hours pushing out your beautiful child and then they will have you start pushing all over again until they are able to retrieve it.
  • Your Uterus will contract just like labor contractions for about a week to two weeks AFTER you deliver. Even when you think you’re done, surprise you’re not! If you are nursing your baby this sensation will actual be even worse. When you nurse it sends responses to your uterus and it begins to contract back to normal size. This process is sped up obviously when you do nurse. It is very painful! And another little tip…with each pregnancy, this actual becomes more and more painful. Funny story- I was unaware of the uterus contracting with my first child. When I was in the hospital nursing my newborn I began to panic and called the nurse to inform her I was having contractions again….secretly wondering if there indeed was another child left in my stomach.
  • You will have a VERY hard time going to the bathroom. It’s actually a scary experience. If you have torn, and had to have stitches..this is no fun. Please remember to take your stool softeners that they prescribe you, It will make this process so much easier!
  • Your stomach will not magically go right back to where it was. You would think it would. But it doesn’t. This process takes different times for every person. Just don’t expect to see it go right back the day you get back from the hospital. On this note, don’t expect to have lost weight when you get back either. I know this was always the first thing I wanted to see when I got home. You have an 8 pound baby so surely you have lost 8 pounds right?! No. You have fluid retention, and swelling. You probably didn’t lose anything…not yet anyways πŸ˜‰
  • Your silly pregnancy hormones and emotions will not immediately go away. Oh my goodness it gets worse. So much worse. That first week after you deliver is such an emotional roller coaster. Not only because you are so in love with your child but your hormones are freaking out on you. They don’t know what just happened. One minute you are so happy staring at your bundle of joy, the next minute you are bawling staring at your bundle of joy because they are so cute. The next minute you are crying because you can’t button up the onesie right and then all the sudden you are laughing at the poop faces they are making. I remember getting so overwhelmed with the smallest things. I had about 4 visitors every day that first week. Even though I was totally fine physically I would just start crying after they left because it was so overwhelming with people in and out and entertaining. Don’t push yourself or expect too much out of yourself. It is totally OK to give yourself, your partner and your new baby that time alone for a week, or two or whenever you are ready!

Now that I have just basically terrified you…there are some things that can make this adjustment easier!! After doing this three times, I feel I can offer some very helpful tricks that helped me out.

Earth Mama Bottom Balm

This is a HUGE lifesaver. Like I said above, you will have a hard time using the restroom for a while. There will more than likely be a lot of pain down there πŸ™ This salve is amazing. It is infused with healing herbs and it cools upon contact. You can store it in the fridge to soothe even more. This is a postpartum must have.

Shop SugarBabies- Earth Mama Bottom Balm

Earth Mama Nipple Butter

Your nipples will thank you for this. Whether a first time nurser or fifth, every time you begin nursing they will crack, bleed, get raw and painful. There are numerous products on the market for help with this. Personally, I wanted something organic that if my baby’s mouth got near it, it would not hurt them. This nipple butter is amazing. You can glob it on thick after each feeding and feel comfortable that by the next feeding you will have had enough soothing to not grimace when they latch on. It heals, soothes and feels wonderful. Shop SugarBabies- Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter

Epsom Salts

I very highly recommend these. I found a small packet for 99 cents at Walmart. They were healing Epsom salts. It was infused with lovely smells and lavender. I brought one pack to the hospital with me and used this hours after delivering. I poured it in to the bath water and just soaked. It will help your swelling and joint/muscle pain. I used another one once I returned home and it felt heavenly.

SUgarBabies Blog- Soaking in Epsom Salts Postpartum

Eucalyptus Wipes

I’m not sure if this was just the hospital that I delivered at or not but I was given Eucalyptus wipes to bring home with me. OH my goodness You need these. The Eucalyptus helps soothe everything! I kept them in my bathroom and used them after every bathroom trip.


Cinch Tummy Wrap

Again, you will want this. There are two main reasons why this was such a huge lifesaver. One..this wrap adjusts to your belly. Whether you put this on inΒ  the hospital hours after delivering, to a month postpartum. It adjusts so you can get the most comfort and best results out of it. Secondly, it’s not just for getting your waist and tummy back to normal (although it does JUST that..soooo quickly). It is such a great support for your lower back and abdomen. Your abdominal muscles are basically shot after nine months of not being able to use them and this really helps support all your weak areas. Whether you are lifting little baby in and out of things or dragging the car seat everywhere. It helps! There is a small pocket at the front of it that you can stick a heating or ice pack in if you are experiencing discomfort…how cool is that? AND you cannot see this wrap through your clothes. You can literally be flattening your tummy back to normal, soothing your uterus contractions and supporting your back while no one has a clue!

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I truly hope these tips help prepare you and give you some insight! I wish I would have read a blog before going into it blindly πŸ™‚ These products are all products I have personally used. I am not just writing about them to sell…I whole heartedly LOVED each one of them and would recommend them to family and friends…which is why I am sharing with all of you!

Please share your experiences with us! We would love to hear stories, other tips or tricks that you have picked up along the way!



  1. Thank you Serena! All true stories…haha

  2. You’re so right. No one tells you these things! Great post.

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