Being Overweight- A Journey to Pregnancy

Being Overweight- A Journey to Pregnancy
Hi Everyone,
Well firstly I should probably introduce myself… I’m Hayley. I’m 33 years old. I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with a gorgeous little boy & I’m from County Durham England. My journey to becoming a Mammy to be, started back in 2012. In September 2012 I was weighing in at 270lbs & was told by medical professionals that in order to conceive naturally I’d need to get my weight down. Obviously I was heart broken… You never want to be told that you’re too overweight. But at 5ft 8″ tall & 270lbs, it was just too big for me. So… I began my healthy journey to becoming pregnant.
I didn’t join the gym or do any fad diets. I simply started to eat healthier, cook more & walked a lot! I have a little Chihuahua so she became my walking partner. My husband has been super supportive too & totally adopted a newer healthier lifestyle! I even decided to start a journey page so I could share with others & hopefully help them along the way too.
Being Overweight- A Journey to Pregnancy
You can find my journey page here: I try to update daily with recipes etc…
 The journey wasn’t easy… along the way I had 3 back surgeries which meant that if I was ever going to conceive I’d most definitely need a C-Section. I was heartbroken at the time, but I’ve now made peace with that. So… I plowed in to 2015 where I was weighing in at a healthier 170lbs. It was time… time to start making our dreams a reality & begin our little family. Things seemed to be taking forever, but then in July 2015 – we got those 2 little pink lines we’d been waiting for… I’m PREGNANT!!! The utter elation & joy was overwhelming. It had finally happened.
Being Overweight- A Journey to Pregnancy
It’s been a little bit of a bumpy ride so far… at 8 weeks pregnant I started in with extreme sickness & at 14 weeks pregnant I was hospitalized with extreme abdominal pain. That’s when they discovered I had several over enlarged fibroids in my womb. The pain has been horrific as they’re degenerating & creating infection like symptoms. Luckily, our baby is super strong & is totally unaffected. I found out then that I was extremely lucky to conceive naturally as the amount of fibroids in my womb can affect conception greatly… so this little bambino of ours is a true miracle. We also found out that our little bundle of joy is a BOY. We weren’t bothered about the gender of our baby, but I thin knowing makes it all seem real now.
I’m a very positive person and am being monitored very carefully so I feel super cared for & confident with my chosen hospital. It also means that I have ultrasound scans every 4 weeks to see our little bambino. For now – his name remains a closely guarded secret, but on the day of his birth it shall be announced with extra sparkles & bells. For now, we still don’t know our expected date for delivery. My official due date is March 29th… But it will be a few weeks earlier than that. My obstetrician would like to get me to 38 weeks, but it all depends on the fibroids & the baby.
I’ve tried to remain as healthy as possible during this pregnancy & I think that’s helped me to keep focused. I’m hoping it will help with the healing process after my C-Section too. So at 29 weeks I’ve gained 16lbs… not bad going really.
So… That’s my journey so far… I so cannot wait to become a Mammy. You can find my personal blog here:
Thanks so much for reading!
Hayley xxx
My name is Hayley Thorne & I’m 33 years old. I’m from County Durham England, but live in South Yorkshire England with my husband whom I met while studying at University all those years ago. We’re currently expecting our first child – a little boy. We’re also parents to our little Teacup Chihuahua Coco. I work full time in a University Library as well as running a media business I own with my husband… So I’m always super busy.


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