Orbit Baby O2 Jogger

Orbit Baby O2 Jogger

With thousands of brand, types, uniquely designed strollers on the market, it can feel overwhelming when picking the perfect one. It seems they all have different qualirties that fit into different styles of families. You have active families, traveling families, city families, large families. There is a stroller for each and every type. But which one is right for you? If you answered active family…get out and go family, parks, trails, running, beach kind of family….this stroller is for you! The Orbit Baby O2 Jogger is going to liven up your life.

SugarBabies Blog- Orbit Baby O2 Jogging Stroller

Whether walking or jogging, on or off-road, O2’s innovative, dual seating modes optimize the ride for speed, terrain and baby’s favorite scenery. O2 was built to move with you. From trail run to coffee run, it’s one stroller for your every day. And really, who doesn’t need that?


  • Dual seating modes offer a high position (city mode) for everyday strolling and a low position (performance mode) for smooth stability while running or on rough terrain
  • O2 is one of the few strollers that allow you to face baby while jogging, so you can rotate the seat to share more face time or to shield baby from wind or sun- One of my favorite features
  • Jogger is compatible with any Orbit Baby seat, so it’s a seamless and secure Travel System when used with our Infant and Toddler Car Seats and a smooth Everyday or Jogging Stroller when used with our Stroller Seat
  • It has shock absorbing spring action for a smooth ride for you and baby
  • Adjustable handle for all heights of parents
  • Super quick and easy folding method- fold, load and GO- don’t we all want that?!
  • A large built in under-basket- for all of your stuff!


SugarBabies Blog- Orbit Baby O2 Jogging Stroller

This is the Orbit Baby O2 Jogger base with the Infant seat, creating our infant essentials kit.  thumbnail-3

The Jogger is perfect for an on the go family who has a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s impeccable craftsmanship and sleek design will last you and your family through numerous kids!


Come in and check out all the fun accessories and seats you can pair with this one of a kind stroller! Our baby stroller experts will be happy to help you with all your stroller questions and concerns!


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