Nuroo Nursing Scarf Review

Nuroo Nursing Scarf Review

Hi ladies, I have something pretty awesome to show you from SugarBabies! (I reviewed their Blanqi pregnancy shapewear when I was around 8 months pregnant.) I love this boutique for lots of reasons. First of all, they carry RuggedButts-my new favorite clothing line for my little boy! Second of all-they sell EVERYTHING that you need for a baby. You can practically make your whole baby registry from this place alone. Also, the owner Ashley, is just the sweetest and most helpful!



So I am reviewing the NuRoo Nursing Scarf that SugarBabies carries. Unlike most “hooter hiders” or nursing scarves, this one actually WORKS. Not only does it work, it features snaps so you can actually WEAR it instead of it just hanging on by a thread. Don’t you just hate those big ole apron looking ones?? I DO!

The NuRoo nursing scarf that I had received was so soft to touch. Other nursing covers such as the Bebe Au Lait tend to be a little rough as far as the material goes. The first thing that caught my eye were the snaps at the bottom. The snaps make this nursing scarf super versatile when it comes to styling how you wear it. The problem with infinity scarves is that you are limited in your options.


See how it snaps?


It was very lightweight and non-distracting like those apron looking covers (THANK GOD).

And whats even better?

You can actually wear it days after your are finished with nursing.


There are tons of ways to wear this nursing scarf.

My favorite way is snapping half of the scarf in the front, and snapping half of it in the back.

As you can see, it wears almost like a vest.

Pretty, cool huh?



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