Meet Emily

Meet Emily, she is absoluetly the sweetest, silliest and most heart warming girl you will ever meet. While we have known Emily and her family since her birth it wasn’t until this last year that we really got to spend time together and get to know her. This beautiful little girl has completely stolen our hearts.

Warning, she is going to steal your heart as well <3


Here’s How it all Started

Last summer SugarBabies hosted a cover model contest via Facebook. This was a fun opportunity for parents to share photos of their kids with family and friends with the hope of winning a professional photo shoot, SugarBabies wardrobe and featured on our catalog cover. After weeks of oohing and ahhing over adorable babies the contest closed and a winner was named. By popular vote, Emily was named the 2014 SugarBabies Cover Model.

We quickly realized that our fun model search had turned into something much greater than we ever expected – we now had the opportunity to increase awareness about down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Currently, we share lots of photos of Emily on our Facebook page and soon Sandie, Emily’s Mom, will be contributing to the SugarBabies blog. Also, stay tuned for the updated SugarBabies catalog featuring beautiful Emily on the cover!

Get to Know Emily

Emily was born April 19, 2011 in Puyallup Wa. She was born with trisomy 21. Emily loves to sing and dance around the house. Her favorite songs are from Frozen of course.  She especially loves being silly and goofing around with her older sister Paige. Her favorite foods this week are grapes,  apples, and anything her daddy cooks. And yes, it changes weekly. There are many things she doesn’t like but she is 3. What 3 year old likes everything?  I absolutely love the way she can walk into a room and light it up.  She is very loving, caring and has an amazing smile that will only make you smile back at her.

So this is Emily. This is my Emily and what makes her different is what makes her beautiful. I look forward to sharing more about our unique and very special journey together.