Let’s Get Organized

Let’s Get Organized

Happy 2015! If you’re still looking around the living room and realizing that the holidays literally exploded with toys, now is the time to get organized. No, my house is no magazine cover. I have two children. But I also personally like to have a place for everything so we’re not all tripping over stuffed animals and ride along cars.

My first suggestion to help organize the toys masses is to go through the toy box and purge the things that are no longer played with, are broken or are grown out of by age. I recommend doing this prior to the holidays or birthdays when it is a given that a new wave of items might arrive. If you haven’t done this in a while, now is a great time!

Let your kids join in by choosing a few select toys they no longer play with. Let them know you are going to donate these to another little boy or girl who would like a new toy. Then send the gently used toys that are in good shape to local shelters, consignment stores, etc. It is a great way to teach kids to “pay it forward” and also clean out the home.

Speaking of toy boxes, I suggest ditching them. At least the ones that turn into a bottomless pit. I personally prefer the open binned boxes or cubed shelf organizers where you can easily see the contents inside. I find they also help little ones have better access to their belongings. Catch all toy boxes are great for a quick clean up but do tend to create the “out of sight, out of mind” effect. Toys get little play time and are easily forgotten.

SugarBabies offers fabulous furniture to help openly organize toys. Here are a few to get your creative décor juices flowing and help keep your home looking and feeling fabulous.


These are beautiful additions to any nursery/play room. Some can even be converted into a bookcase. Perfect for storing toys in cloth bins that are easily accessible.


I don’t know about you but I feel like the books in the playroom are the hardest things to store. I love that my children have a wonderful selection but it can become overwhelming. The Pink and Blue Stripe Bookholder are perfect for storing bedtime reading and easy for kids to use. You can store several books in this holder and rotate them out as needed. A perfect functional but decorative piece.

Prince Lionheart Back Seat Organize

Let’s leave the house for a second. Ever notice the car becomes a catch all for toys and books too? Goodness knows I’m one who is the last to think about clearing out the toys after a long trip with the kids. Make it easier by purchasing a back seat organizer to store a few toys and books for travel. That way you can keep these in the car and keep them off the floor too.

Let’s get organized this new year! Let SugarBabies help you with their great selection of furniture, bags and more. Mom could always use a little more time and sanity by keeping things together and easy to find. Especially when it comes to tackling the kids’ room.

Krystal is the owner and author of Brought2UbyMom.com and Brought2UbyMom.tv. She began her social media journey in 2006, when she began blogging and hosting a weekly internet radio show about her time as a Walt Disney World Cast Member. Now as a mother of two, she is a dedicated social media mom wanting to inspire other families by sharing baby/kid product reviews, family lifestyle and her journey as a natural mama.

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