Household Chore Ideas for Preschoolers

Household Chore Ideas for Preschoolers

Our daughter is now the age of three and a half. She’s at the time in her life where she loves everything pink, ponies and sparkles. The first place she runs for in the store is the toy aisle. A perfect time to introduce being a helping hand and the option to earn a few extra dollars towards her most wanted new toy.

This is something I recommend sitting down and talking with your spouse over. I personally believe this is something that is decided based on family and your child. For our family, we decided our daughter was ready for a couple of select household chores. Here are a few examples of preschool appropriate household chores that you might want to implement in your child’s daily routine.

  • Helping with the Dishes – I first clear all sharp knives and objects from the washer prior to letting our daughter help. I then let her put away the silverware and hand me plates and cups to place into the cabinets.
  • Helping with the Laundry – Our daughter loves to throw in the clothes into the washer and dryer. It becomes a fun game.
  • Helping Cook – I let our daughter mix things in bowls. She helps get our light items from the pantry that won’t fall and hurt her little toes.
  • Helping Dust – Our daughter loves to use the rags and help dust up the furniture.
  • Helping Wash Windows – We have team work. She helps wash the bottoms and I get the tops.

I try to keep it to two chores a day with her. I don’t expect her to do much more than that for her young age. I let her pick out the two she wants to help with and we go from there.

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For every household chore our daughter helps with she receives a certain amount of money. Most of all, I encourage and praise her for being a great helper. I love seeing her get excited over helping and the since of pride she receives from earning her own “coins”; as she calls them. I hope to continue to instill that joy of team work and help in her.

Remember to stay patient with your little one when learning new chores. Keep up the praises and the help. Make learning how to be a helping hand is a positive thing. I’ve found that it is a time her and I have together alongside with the time we already spend doing other activities. It’s kind of nice to have someone to chat with while getting dinner ready and folding the laundry.


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