Homecoming Weekend: Baby on Board

Homecoming Weekend: Baby on Board

This weekend was homecoming at the college where my husband went. It was also my first weekend pregnant at a tailgate. Which meant I rallied my heart out! It was our weekend with the girls, so I got  be Bonus Mom too! We headed off Friday night set for a 4-hour drive. I knew I was in for a non-stop party.

Starting off with Halloween and trick-or-treating right when we arrived, visiting family, going out with alumni friends, fist bumping fraternity brothers and of course LOTS of eating out. This meant two things: Dress comfy and be prepared to be a trooper! And boy was I that and then some!

I’ve been feeling pretty good since my fourth month of pregnancy started. Now officially in the second trimester, the nausea has subsided and I’ve got some of my energy back. The tears though, there is NO fighting those. The biggest breakdown came after I worked my hiney off getting myself and the girls (9 and 10 years old) showered, hair did, fed, dressed and out the door in enough time to meet Baby Daddy at the Fraternity house where he was wrapping up their annual meeting. I was out the door in great time! Stopped by my cousins house for a quick hello, went back to the house (BD’s parents house who live near town) because I forgot the game tickets, got my Starbucks beverage (so not to be awkwardly empty handed at the tailgate), and arrived into college town right as scheduled! What I was not expecting was the Homecoming parade to be blocking the one street that kept me 2 blocks from the fraternity house! What now? Cry. Cry so much that when your Baby Daddy calls, your speaking is inaudible. The girls had to yell thru the car Bluetooth to interpret. The three of them worked out a plan and the 10 yr old kindly pointed out a nice spot to park and suggested we walk. And so we walked… And as we did the streets opened up and the parade was over, seriously, within seconds. Like I imagined it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did, honestly. Baby Daddy had a big hug for us all and we made the trek to the stadium—parking lot. Where the next round of festivities ensued. Thank GOODNESS for the kind alumni folks with the pop-up tent and gas fire pit where myself and the little one spent most of our time… Making friends and eating ribs.

Baby Daddy made his rounds, and rounds, and more rounds… And the oldest played catch with anyone who would, well, catch. Chilly and drizzling, I was actually very cozy and content. After eating the ribs the rest of the little one’s burger, I was happy I wore my Blanqi tank as to allow for some extra *ech-hem* growth. It came down perfectly and comfortably snug over my fully unzipped jeans and matched great with my black crew-neck sweatshirt (I got mine in black, but SugarBabies had them in white and nude too!). I had all the support, warmth and confidence I needed to be that cool pregnant wife amongst some wild football fans.


We made it to the game eventually, then left early for a nap then the buffet! Great weekend all-in-all! Finally my feet are up (to reduce that awful swelling from the drive) and I’m snuggled in bed, ready for the sand man to smack me to sleep… But not before Baby Daddy shares his two, three, four or five cents!

A Man’s View:  I wish I were kidding but I have been told that I am not allowed to talk about my headaches, heartburn or weight gain for at least the next year. That was before we decided on being blog contributors though so there is this very, very small loophole to discuss such things. So let me begin be saying “Us men are passengers on this rollercoaster with you (whether we like it or not)”. Truthfully, I had just lost the baby weight from my now 10 & 9yr old only 4 short years ago. Back then I had gained nearly 60 lbs then lost some only to tip the scales right back to an all time high which I contributed to stress and that food seems to taste better under stress soooo I take the 15lbs I’ve gained since she said “I think I see a faint line”- seriously.

On one hand I’m happy I’m not gaining weight by myself. On the other hand I’m just a little jealous she found the BLANQI High Performance Belly Support Tank Top. It’s basically a tank top that supports and shapes but that’s not all. She wears this thing every day and although she is growing you can hardly tell. It pulls down long enough over her jeans were neither of us have to worry she is going to show too much if heaven forbid she drops something or ties her shoes. Men, I work at a bank so I’m constantly working with the idea of return on investment so with this item priced at only $72.00 averaged out by the number of uses daily during pregnancy (which she will use often) equates to pennies.

In conclusion, I wish BLANQI made men’s sizes because I would use it but until then I will just try to eat less and exercise more.


Jason and Meagan were introduced by his 8 and 9 year old daughters May of 2013 and married in March of 2014. They were pregnant within 4 months of the marriage and only 2 months after the reversed vasectomy. As both have experienced one practice marriage, they now depend on love, laughter, God and their friendship as the pillars of their relationship. Jason is the analytical planner of this team and Meagan is the creative genius, so you can count on fun and authentic dialogue. Since the baby news broke, you can find them somewhere between moving at the speed of life or cuddled on the couch enjoying a Netflix marathon while debating whether to find out the baby’s gender before or after delivery.

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