What Happened When I Started Building My Husband Up as a Parent

What Happened When I Started Building My Husband Up as a Parent

There I was three weeks after giving birth to our second baby giving my husband the run down on everything “he would need to know” while I prepared to run to Target and leave them home alone for the first time! My spiel started to go on and on… perhaps you have heard this before…

Mommy: “…if he cries he might be too hot… so be sure to take his blanket off. Although, that might make his feet cold so make sure you put socks on him”

Daddy: “Got it blanket off socks on!”

Mommy “and don’t let sister pick him up…”

Mommy: “When you change his diaper make sure you put the cream on after!”

Mommy: “Don’t forget he has extra binkies in the top right drawer of the dresser in his room…”

Daddy- “I GOT THIS! I have been a dad for SIX years you know!?”

Then it hit me- He’s so right. He’s got this. They have all got this.

Who are we to crush their spirit and trample their joy of being a dad? I was breaking my husband down instead of building him up as a dad. Did it really matter what happened in that hour that I would be gone? Absolutely not. I know my husband wants what is best for our kids as much as I do. As much as you and your significant other want for your little one! Does my husband do it “correct” all the time? Absolutely not. However, neither do I! I make mistakes constantly. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I gave birth to my brain when I had my son because that thing is no longer in my head! I am so forgetful these days and find it impossible to do anything “correct” while riding on my emotional roller coaster all day!

Let’s give our loves a little space to learn from their mistakes. I can guarantee if they put the diaper on wrong once, they won’t put it on that way EVER again! I am now able to fall in love with my husband even more when I see him taking control as a parent…. instead of having a panic attack that he is doing it wrong! His confidence as a dad is something I now envy. I also envy his ability to give our son a relaxing bath (that’s right, no crying or screaming!) When I bathe him it’s a total disaster – lucky daddy!

If you find yourself being a backseat driver in the parenting world, get out of the car! Start giving up control where you can and enjoy seeing your significant other in the parenting spotlight! After all, you are both going to make some mistakes… Just remember, “he’s got this!”

You’ve both got this!

Kayla Harris is the mother of two wonderfully active kids. Her daughter Jaidyn is 6 years old and her son Jagger is 1. She married her high school sweetheart who is a wonderful and inspiring father. She currently lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with her family and manages a local, coffee shop. She enjoys fitness, and you can often find her at the gym during the evening or fitting in a work-out at her daughter’s cheer practice! Kayla enjoys being an active parent and loves to take pleasure in the many exciting things to do in Washington State, one family favorite is going to the Puyallup Farmer’s Market. She enjoys indulging in sweets, especially chocolate, and shopping for her two children!

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