Give me my Blanqi! Blanqi Review

Give me my Blanqi! Blanqi Review

We’ve all played that question game — If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring? — and it makes me think of a question that might be a bit more relevant… If you were stranded AND pregnant on an island, what three things would you bring? First off, being pregnant and stranded anywhere, except for maybe the spa, would be the worst ever. Secondly, don’t worry about actually answering the question, because I’ll answer it for you… you’re welcome.

I would bring (and recommend all my pregnant friends bring) Blanqi, Blanqi and more Blanqi.

And here’s why:

Blanqi Bodystyler High-Performance Belly Support Tank Top

I was just telling a friend who bought one that I wear mine, like, 5 out of 7 days a week – no joke. It is the best maternity clothing item I own. I already used to wear camis pretty regularly under my clothes pre-pregnancy, so trading them in for this gem was easy. Not only does it offer a seamless look under any shirt, tank or dress, but it really does offer high-performance support. It’s got this magical way of being super cozy and stretchy, but fitting and snug enough to keep all my curves (old and new) safe and secure. I am a busty gal, smaller around the waist with my momma’s thickalicious hips and there isn’t a place that this tank doesn’t cover in just the right way. It stays in place all day long and doesn’t make me too hot – I think they call that “breathable”. I’ve worn it since the first trimester and I have continued to wear it into my third… and I can’t promise I’ll stop wearing it, even after baby arrives. I got mine in medium and in black (duh!) at SugarBabies. They also have gray and white!


Blanqi High Performance Belly Lift & Support Leggings

Combined with my support tank, I call this combo my prego bodysuit or my underarmour. I would say all the same wonderful things about the leggings as I did about the tank and add that these leggings really are thee most comfortable pair of “pants” I have right now. At 5 foot 8 inches tall, these leggings touch just above the top of my foot and reach over my belly right under bustline, in the front and the back. They don’t have the baggy crotch like some leggings do – which is a big bonus in my book. I also never have to worry about pulling them up or adjusting them down, they stay perfectly in place all day long. Got my pair from SugarBabies and in black as well, size medium – although at this point in my third trimester I could probably fit into a large pretty comfortably as well.


Blanqi “Bumped” Tunic Tee

Okay, this one is just for fun, not to mention its comfort and cuteness. AND I would probably get the “Most Trendy Pregnant Lady on the Island” award because I chose it as one of my three items.

 —thank you, thank you everybody! — elbow-elbow, wrist-wrist, flick your hair and blow a kiss —
—Okay, Miss America daydream over.

I love, love, LOVE wearing this top. It’s my “Yes, I’m pregnant and proud of it” tee… My “work that bump” top. I am so happy that in a world of punny graphic tees, that Blanqi made one like this for us mommas-to-be — so clever. I’ve worn it casual with jeans and leggings, and paired it with my maxi skirts as well for a more fancy look. Its that perfect color of light pink that makes you say, is that white or pink?! The capped sleeves are capped just enough to where I don’t feel like my arms are too exposed, but short enough to feel feminine and cute. I got this one from SugarBabies as well, and in a size large. I’ve washed and tumble dried it without any problems.


Welp, if that doesn’t convince you, then I quit… okay, not really, but seriously, I can’t think of a better brand than Blanqi, when it comes to maternity support wear – including the fun graphic tee. I would say, if you are pregnant now, even if you just found out, OR if you know somebody who’s pregnant, don’t wait – get your Blanqi on NOW!

SugarBabies carries all the products I have mentioned and actually a few additional Blanqi products!

But first… a selfie… just cuz… and a word from the Baby Daddy…


When we found out we were prego there were a few things I wasn’t looking forward to, like, the collateral weight gain via sympathy, eating Cheerios for the next few years and being duped into loaded questions like “do I look pregnant or just fat?”. I was so relieved when she found the equivalent of yoga pants for pregnant women- Blanqi. Now, I know some people say leggings aren’t pants, but in this case it’s got to be the exception. We literally don’t leave home without it and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. My wife is a lil curvy, so my concerns for her is that I wanted her to be comfortable, fashionable and not have a plumbers crack- these products cover all my bases (including hers 😉 ).

And husbands take note: Happy wife = Happy life!

J, M & Little Man


Jason & Meagan Jason and Meagan were introduced by his 8 and 9 year old daughters May of 2013 and married in March of 2014. They were pregnant within 4 months of the marriage and only 2 months after the reversed vasectomy. As both have experienced one practice marriage, they now depend on love, laughter, God and their friendship as the pillars of their relationship. Jason is the analytical planner of this team and Meagan is the creative genius, so you can count on fun and authentic dialogue. Since the baby news broke, you can find them somewhere between moving at the speed of life or cuddled on the couch enjoying a Netflix marathon while debating whether to find out the baby’s gender before or after delivery.

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