Gender Reveal Party – 15 Tips to Help You Throw an Amazing One In The Next Three Weeks

Gender Reveal Party – 15 Tips to Help You Throw an Amazing One In The Next Three Weeks

Gender Reveal Party

The birth of a child is cause for celebration and today’s moms are doing it right by throwing fabulous baby gender reveal parties. Not only are these parties a chance to gather your friends and family, but they are quickly becoming the best way to reveal the baby’s gender. From invitations to party favors and more, the following tips will help you prepare the most memorable baby gender reveal party your friends and family will ever attend.

1. Select the Tone of Your Gender Reveal Party and Prepare Your Guests

While the main theme of your party will be revealing the gender of the child, how you do it sets the tone. Knowing what type of party you are throwing will prepare your guests, and helps them become fully immersed in the fun. There are literally thousands of ideas on how to do the actual reveal.

  1. Search for gender reveal party games online. Pinterest has thousands of great ideas so you may only need to visit this site.
  2. Select an indoor or outdoor setting for you party.
  3. Choose both! Have your party indoors and the reveal outdoors

2. Send the Perfect Party Invitations and Build Anticipation

Your perfect gender reveal party begins with the perfect invitation and when done right will serve to build excitement and anticipation for your event. Your invitation sets the tone of your party, so you want to select a design that reflects that. Selecting your invitation will alert your guests to the type of attire they should select. If you plan on having a fun filled day with lots of messy games, select an invitation that’s simple and fun, perhaps one with confetti on the front. To help you select the invitation that fits your party, visit Pinterest. If you are going to be doing activities that are messy, alert your guests by requesting them to wear clothing they don’t mind getting dirty.

  1. Search online to find the invite that fits your style.
  2. Make a guest list complete with addresses
  3. Sign and address your invites. Include a personal note and any special instructions you have for your guests, including RSVP.
  4. Place postage on your invites and mail at least three weeks ahead of the event after your doctor has determined the gender.

3. Select the Reveal Method and Watch Your Party Plans Fall Into Place

There a number of clever ways to reveal the sex of the child. Since this moment is what your party is building up to, you want it to be the best moment of the event. When the happy couple wishes to be kept in the dark until the party, a third person will need to handle getting the reveal set up. The belly pop game uses dark blue or black balloons. One balloon is filled with colored milk to indicate the gender and the rest are filled with plain water. The person that throws the dart that pops the gender revealing balloon wins a prize.

  1. Do a Google search to gather ideas.
  2. Discuss your options with your partner and party planners.
  3. You can eliminate options that aren’t realistic. For example if you live in an apartment without any green space, the Belly Balloon Pop may not be the best choice.
  4. Prepare or purchase your reveal prop. If you are learning the gender along with your guest, have your doctor write down the gender and seal it in envelop which you will then give to the trusted individual who will prepare your reveal method.
  5. If you have other children, consider letting them perform the reveal.
  6. Consider one of these popular options:
  • Balloon release–balloons filled with helium in pink for girl, blue for boys are packed into a decorated box.
  • Colored icing inside cupcakes–everyone bites into the cupcake on the count of three.
  • Scratch off tickets–purchase scratch tickets and everyone scratches together. These can be found online at Target and specialty stores.
  • Piñata reveal– Select an appropriate shape or character and fill with red and pink candy for girls, blue and white candy for boys.
  • Balloon pop-This is an outdoor activity as it gets messy. To see how to create this game, visit this Pinterest page.
  • Gift unwrapping–Select two outfits that are the same price, one boy, one girl. Take them to customer service and instruct them to open the envelop with the gender from your doctor. Ask them to gift wrap the correct outfit. When you pay for the outfit, ask for the tags to placed in the envelop and sealed with tape to prevent any accidental discovery.
  • Confetti poppers–take your envelop to any party store and instruct the clerk to fill party poppers with the correct color of confetti. Purchase enough for every guest.

4. Chose a Theme That Will Get Your Guests Excited

Of course the main theme of your party is revealing the gender of your bundle of joy, but having a theme to build your party on other than a simple reveal kicks things up a nothc. If your friends and family are competitive, a team themed event may be right up your alley. Perhaps you are more traditional in which case a vintage theme may the right choice for you. The bumble bee theme is quite popular, but if you are looking to wow your guests, consider the science themed event that lets you reveal the gender using color changing potions.

  1. Brainstorm and create your own unique gender reveal party theme.
  2. Check this What to Expect for seven popular themes that are complete with decorations.
  3. Begin planning your party.

4. Select Your Party Games and Activities and Get Your Guests Involved

From gender guessing games to old wives tales, playing games is a great way to bring your guests together and unify your party, keeping it flowing and your guests entertained. To help you select your games and activities, stopping in at Pinterest will provide you with many ideas. Here are a few of the most popular games and suggestions on how to put them into play.

  1. Searching the net for ideas will help you discover many games you can use to entertain your guests.
  2. Gender guessing is the most basic game. There are many ways to accomplish this from having your guests wear pink or blue to denote their guess, but having a party favor bowl of both pink and blue pins for your guests to don will ensure they all participate.
  3. Make your own pins using diaper pins and ribbons or purchase them from baby specialty stores and select cute designs like little ballet dancers of pink or tiny football players of blue. If you can’t find what you want, consider making your own.
  4. Wives tale games are simple and fun. Make a list of all the old wives tales about determining the sex of the child. Often couples find when they add up the results the wives tales are split 50/50 and offer no insight into the gender but once in a while they are spot on. Either way, going through each of the tales with your guests helps them feel involved and serves up a lot of laughter. Family Education lists ten gender determining wives tales you can write them down on a board.
  5. Playing a game of guess the gender from a sonogram picture is often a great way to get the laughter flowing. Make copies of your sonogram for each guest and have them write their guess and their name on the back. Read everyone’s guesses and offer a small prize to those who are correct.
  6. Have a raffle drawing for a special prize.

5. Select Your Party Favors and Show Your Guests Your Appreciation

Selecting gifts to show your guests how much you appreciate their participating in your special event doesn’t have to break the bank. Simple votive candles, Artisan soaps, picture frames and gift cards are great ideas. You know your guests better than anyone and most likely have some great ideas for party favors too.

  1. Grab your guest list and head out to your local mall
  2. Select a small something for each guest.
  3. Select prizes for each game you play, ensuring you purchase enough prizes for multiple winners.
  4. Purchase your raffle prize.

6. Select Your Party Menu and Satisfy Hungry Guests

Most gender reveal parties include blue and red punch along with many other colored foods such as decorated cookies in fun shapes such as baby rattles and animal cracker shaped cookies. Your menu will depend greatly on how long your party will last and what time of day you are having it. Finger sandwiches, cheese and meat trays, veggie trays and pickled treats like olives and artichoke hearts are standard fare. Consider your theme when selecting what food you are serving and offer items that tie your party together. Remember to check for any food allergies your guests may have and plan around them.

  1. Select your menu.
  2. Choose hot and/or cold foods such as hors d’oeuvres
  3. Consider ordering your food from a caterer or having your food trays made up at your grocer’s deli.
  4. Purchase your food items.
  5. Prepare your food offerings.
  6. Set up your food and drink stations the night before if possible, putting out food and drink just before your guests are to arrive.

8. Decorate the Room and Feel the Festive Spirit

Decorating the party venue not only helps it feel more festive, it gives your guests a party atmosphere, allowing them to get into the spirit of the party the moment they walk into the room. Gender reveal decorations can be found in party sections at Walmart and any party specialty supply store. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

  1. Create centerpieces of dyed blue and pink carnations with pink and blue helium filled balloons with curled ribbon trailing down.
  2. Twist together blue and pink streamers and hang them in dramatic inverted arches around the room. At the point of attachment, place large paper flowers of pink and blue with curled ribbon hanging down.
  3. Spread pink and blue table clothes on the tables at your venue or on the serving table if having your party at home.

9. Use Gender Reveal Place Settings for a Cohesive Feel and Appearance

To complete your decorations and tie everything together, purchase gender reveal party place settings. You don’t have to break the bank with this as these are available for a low price at Walmart and party stores everywhere.

  1. Search online for gender reveal party supplies to get ideas and discover where you can purchase them in your area.
  2. If you find something online that you absolutely love, order it!
  3. If you find the place settings you like at a local store, order it online for store pickup if you can to save time.
  4. Set your tables or put the place settings next to food and beverage stations

10. Relax in a Warm Tub the Night Before and Shed Your Nervous Stress

As your gender reveal party date approaches, you are bound to be filled with nervous energy and may be a little stressed. Take a long soak the night before to help you squash the nervous stress that is bound to have built up as you prepare for your party.

  1. Fill your tub with warm water.
  2. Add your favorite bath oil or bath beads.
  3. Relax.

11. Dress to Impress or for Fun

Select attire that will be appropriate for your theme, reveal and games you have planned. If your party is vintage, go all out and dress the part. If you are doing teams, you and your partner should dress as team leaders and help encourage friendly competition among your guests.

  1. Buy a simple blue or pink t-shirt for team theme parties.
  2. Take it to a silk screen shop and have team leader screened onto the shirt.
  3. Finish the look with plain white pants or go all out and have them match.

12. Double Check Your RSVP List So You’re Ready to Welcome Your Guests

When your RSVP date deadline arrives, go over the guest list and get a count. If someone failed to RSVP that you really want there, give them a call. When you have your final count you can begin purchasing your party supplies.

  1. Make a list and include your decorations, supplies for your reveal prop and place settings.
  2. If you are preparing the food, make a separate list.
  3. Now the fun part; Go shopping!

13. Hit the Salon for a Party Perfect Look

With all the hustle and bustle of party planning, the last thing you need is to spend hours doing your own manicure and hair. If you can fit it in the day of your party, you can even have your make-up done and greet your guests looking absolutely stunning.

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. Arrive for your pampering session.
  3. Sit back and enjoy.

14. Hire a Professional Videographer and Immortalize Your Reveal

If you have it in your budget, hiring a professional photographer and videographer allows every guest to become completely involved and not be distracted with trying to capture the moment. Letting your guests have copies ensures they will participate fully and help create priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Ask friends for recommendations.
  2. If your friends don’t have any, search yelp! to find one with good reviews.
  3. Interview your options.
  4. Hire the right one for you.

15. Tie Up Loose Ends for a Tight Party that Rocks

The day before your gender reveal party take care of any last minute details and set up as much of your party as you can. Make sure your decorations are in place and that the room is ready for all your guests. Set up as much as you can the day before so the day of your party there is little left to do and to ensure you have everything you need. By taking care of these details the day before the party, you tighten it up and set the stage for the perfect gender reveal party.

  1. Double check to make sure you have everything you need.
  2. Set up your tables, place your decorations and make sure your place settings are at the ready.
  3. Prepare your party favors and guests’ gifts.
  4. Set up your reveal method in a place of honor so it’s the center of attention.
  5. The day of set up your food offerings and beverage stations.

Hosting the Perfect Gender Reveal Party Makes Everyone a Part of the Family

By following these simple tips, you will find yourself hosting the perfect gender reveal party and bringing your close friends into the family fold. Revealing the gender of your child is a special moment and everyone you include will become a part of your family as you share this amazing news. Your gender reveal party doesn’t have to be filled with glitz and glamour to be a smash hit. You can make it as simple as you like or as amazing as you want, so get started today and choose your theme!

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