Everything Nursing

Everything Nursing

There is so much buzz circulating the idea and act of nursing. Really it should only be between a mother and her baby, right? Either way, for a first timer it can be very stressful, frustrating and empowering all at the same time. Am I doing it right? Is it supposed to hurt this much? Are they latched on correctly? There are so many things we ask ourselves and some how we all get through it just fine 🙂 I learned something new with nursing every time and found different ways to make it easier on myself and my baby. I wanted to talk about “Everything Nursing” that you will need/want when you decide to breastfeed your baby.


Yes there is a whole section just in clothing and attire.

-Nursing Bra’s

You will need almost an entire new wardrobe for the first few months of nursing. Well you don’t but you will want to make it easier on yourself. When you begin to nurse in public for the first time you will become anxious, self conscious, perspire and  probably want to cry. It’s OK. It’s totally normal. Wouldn’t it be easier to nurse in public if you had an easy access to your breast? You absolutely NEED a nursing bra. When shopping for one there are a few things to consider. Comfort ability and support. I’m sure you have heard your breasts will double-no-triple in size when your milk comes in. You will need extra support when this happens. Like the four finger width bra’s your great grandma wears kind. But that doesn’t mean you have to look like a grandma. Luckily there are sexy, fashionable bras that will make you feel a little less motherly 😉

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You will need a nursing bra for night time as well. Why you ask? Well, you will be leaking milk and “expressing” all through the night and you don’t want to wake up soaked. So you wear a very comfy, non wired nursing bra that you can keep nursing pads in, in between late night feedings. Here is an example of one. (Click on the picture for link to shop)

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-Nursing Shirts

I would invest in at least a handful of these. Not saying you will need them for everyday use, but those moments you will be out of the house, out of your own private environment for more than a few hours. Yes, they will come in handy. There are such a wide variety of shirts these days, like maternity wear, trendy is now an option!

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-Nursing Pajamas

Again, maybe not a necessity….but a definitely want. I didn’t end up investing in this until my third baby. And it made such  a difference in the middle of the night. I actually wore them during my pregnancy as well, when nothing else seemed to fit comfortably. They are for both maternity and post-partum wear. You just pull over some material that gives you instant access to your breast. Imagine fumbling around at 3 am trying to pull up your long pajama nightgown…no good.

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-Nipple Cream

I touched base about this essential item previously in the Postpartum Tips post. But it’s true. You will NEED & WANT something to soothe your sore, cracking nipples.

Shop SugarBabies- Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter-Hooter Hiders

There are a few different options out there right now. There is the blanket style cover up that hooks around your neck and provides a “shield” over your baby. There are soooooo many different styles and patterns that you will have one to go with every outfit.

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Now there is an even newer style. The Nursing Scarf. It basically looks like an infinity scarf..but it transforms into numerous styles of nursing discretion. Having personally used this exact scarf…I fell in love. There was also a mom review of it here…Nuroo Nursing Scarf Review

Shop SugarBabies- Nursing Scarf

-Milk Production Edibles

This is such a cool new product to the nursing world. I cannot tell you how many moms I have talked to that said they stopped nursing because there milk supply diminished. Now there are options to help increase your supply, for the demand of your child. There is nummy cookies you can eat or soothing tea you drink. Definitely worth trying.

Shop SugarBabies- Lactation TeaShop SugarBabies- Lactation Cookies

-Nursing Pillow

Again, so many options! I always had a nursing pillow. I brought it with me most places I went…It made my life so much easier.

Shop SugarBabies- Nursing Pillows-Nursing Pads

The days of soaking wet disposable nursing pads are gone ladies! They have created a new silicone based RE-USABLE pad. How cool are these?! They stick right onto your breast and stay there. No slipping, no leaking. They are easily washed and can be kept right in your diaper bag.

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My list could go on and on and on but I will leave it here. I have a whole other post focusing on milk storage and pumping tips…so stay on the look out!

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