Ergo Baby Carrier Vs Ergo Wrap

Ergo Baby Carrier Vs Ergo Wrap

Are you an Ergo Baby carrier person or an Ergo Baby wrap person? This may seem silly but it’s a real ordeal people. I mean, when you are trying to decide how you are going to wear your precious newborn baby it is a pro’s and con’s list kinda thing. We are here to help you make this very important decision 🙂

Ergo Baby Carrier Vs Ergo Wrap


How active is your day to day life?

  • If you are an outside all the time, love to hike, love to be active and encourage your kids to be…the Ergo carrier is best fit for your. It is sturdy, safe and you can be sure to walk many a miles with this and protect your shoulders and back from spasms.

When will you be wearing your baby?

  • If you have a newborn that decides to be colicky at dinner time, like all three of my children were, then the wrap is your best bet. It’s soft, easy and will put your baby right to sleep!
  • If you plan on using something while you are working from home. Either business related, computer related or even house cleaning. The Wrap would be best fit for this. Like I said previously it’s light weight and you can easily stick your baby in and out as much as needed.

What is your Price Range?

  • The Ergo Carrier is definitely more on the pricier side of carriers. They range from $119-$159. BUT this being said…it’s worth every single penny. It is flawlessly made and will last you through all your child bearing years. It’s built for lasting and enduring. It is an awesome thing to put on a baby registry, so if it is gifted to you it’s a win win.
  • The wrap is still a bit pricey but FAR less than most standard carriers running at $79. It is a great investment and will save you so much frustration when you are just trying to get something done around the house.

Ergo Carrier


  • Easy to put on in numerous positions
  • Very sturdy- no worrying if your baby will fall out
  • can be used from newborn to toddler years
  • Zip pocket for storage
  • Has a rain, sun, napping shield you can pull up over your baby
  • Variety of adorable patterns and types you can buy


  • A bit on the bulkier side- You can’t wrap it up and throw it in the diaper bag
  • Expensive
  • If not worn properly it will hurt your shoulders and back
  • Purchase of newborn insert is separate and necessary for newborn carrying Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Wrap


  • Can be balled up and thrown into a purse or diaper bag for easy carry
  • Great for newborns, fits snug so they are right next to you- no extra purchase required for newborn carry
  • Can be worn underneath a sweater or cardigan- very lightweight
  • Price is very reasonable


  • Can not be worn for back carry
  • Can be difficult for some to figure out how to wrap the carry and use it properly
  • Not as easy to carry a child past 12-18 months as the weight get’s to be a bit much
  • Limited life- normally not past 12 months Ergo Baby Wrap

While there are so many choices on the market these days for baby wearing, we absolutely adore the Ergo Baby brand. They are inventive, well made and a great source for keeping your little one close for as long as you can!

Hope this comparison helped YOU choose which carrier would best suit you and your baby 🙂 Ergo baby Carrier Vs Ergo Wrap



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