I Compare bumGenius Elementel, 4.0 and Freetime Cloth Diapers

I Compare bumGenius Elementel, 4.0  and Freetime Cloth Diapers

If you’re a cloth diapering family, you understand the overwhelming decision of what diapers to purchase. There are a plethora of cloth diaper brands and types to choose from. Not to mention the type of snaps, material, insert, etc. It can feel like the decisions are endless.

However, when it comes to cloth diapers, I can ensure you that the bumGenius line is one set of diapers you will be pleased with. Let me make this a little easier for you and share with you a comparison of what each bumGenius type of diaper offers. This way you can make a decision the works best for your family.



Comparison of Elemental, 4.0 and Freetime:

Elemental One-SizeThe bumGenius Elemental is a great choice for those who desire to have an organic fabric. It is easy to assemble as the inserts are sewn directly into the diaper. This also makes it easy for washing and drying as you simply wash the diaper whole and lay over your drying rack to dry. The double inserts do take some getting used to in ensuring the proper fold for your baby. It is absorbent but I have noticed it is not as absorbent as other bumGenius diapers. Another drawback is that it does take nearly a full day for this diaper to dry (depending on weather outside).

4.0 One-SizeThe 4.0 One-Size bumGenius I would say are the most popular of the different series. I would highly recommend this for anyone starting out in cloth diapering. The absorbency of these diapers are top notch. The diapers usually come with two inserts, including one newborn size and one adjustable size. The inserts do need to be “stuffed” into the pocket area after each wash and dry. This does cause for some extra work, however; is a plus for overnight use to layer for extra absorbency.

Freetime One-SizeFreetime One-Size inserts are sewn into the diaper. Similar to the Element. However, the inserts are on each end of the diaper, creating an easier time to fold than the Element. The Freetime has a great contour to baby’s skin creating a great “leak-lock” protection. A drawback is that it also takes a longer time to dry than the 4.0.

The Plus Side to bumGenius:

The positive side to all of these bumGenius diapers we discussed are that they offer many features that make cloth diapering easier.

  • Each have snaps to offer different sizes as baby grows
  • Can be used from birth to toilet training
  • All contour well against baby’s skin (better from other brands I have used)
  • Absorbency and leak protection is high quality
  • Stand up against multiple washes in fading and break down of elastic
  • The designs are adorable

I have personally used a handful of different brands and types of cloth diapers. bumGenius has by far surpassed each one in quality. I have yet to have a major blow out from any of the series. Plus, the designs and limited editions are just too cute.

I honestly recommend beginning with bumGenius 4.0 One-Size diapers (if you are beginner) and build your stash of fluff from there. Be sure to purchase your favorite designs from SugarBabies!












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