Certified Car Seat Tech at SugarBabies!

Certified Car Seat Tech at SugarBabies!

We have a new service we are offering at SugarBabies and we are so excited to share with you a little about it. The first Saturday of every month we will be hosting a Safety Car Seat inspection at our store. Our certified CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) Jessie will be here to answer all your questions and help you create the up most safest environment for your child while driving. Did you know that 90% of car seats are installed or used incorrectly? Don’t put your child’s safety on the line, get educated now with a certified car seat tech!

What to Expect at Your Consultation:

  • Current car seat examined for manufacture information, known history of the seat, current position and installment of the seat, as well as your child’s position in their seat, harness and chest clip position, and if the appropriate seat is being used.
  • Review of car manual and car seat manual to be reviewed (please bring these)
  • Review of your child’s height and weight to be appropriately reviewed for their car seat to make sure they are in the correct seat. .(If you do not know current stats, she will have a scale and measuring tape on hand).
  • You will be shown proper and current car seat installation for your specific seat and car
  • You will be shown proper use with your child and their positioning in the seat.
  • You will also cover things like projectiles, non-regulated products, coats, and safety in and around your vehicle.

The most important thing we at SugarBabies can stress when buying or using your car seat, is the safety of your child. Having your car seat checked by a CPST, or Child Passenger Safety Technician, allows for a learning experience as well as a confidence boost in knowing that you are keeping your child safe while on the road.


The cost for this private consultation is $20. This includes one on one time spent with the CPST and personalized information for you, your car, your child and the car seat. This service is complimentary with ANY purchase of a SugarBabies car seat.

Where to Register/Date of Events:

Click the below link to be directed to our website where you can register for an appointment. Remember: This event will be held THE FIRST SATURDAY of EVERY month so make sure to get your spot booked before it fills up!

Shop SugarBabies- Car Seat Safety and Inspection Event

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