Can I Be Honest with You? My Thoughts on Baby Carriers

Can I Be Honest with You? My Thoughts on Baby Carriers
Can I be honest with you? When I see a car-seat on top of a grocery cart seat I cringe. Hasn’t that mom heard how dangerous that is? Doesn’t she know she could be ruining the latch on her car-seat? Maybe she feels like she has no other option? Trust me, I felt like I didn’t have any other options as well! I knew the dangers of placing my son’s car-seat on top of the grocery cart. I watched this video and that was enough for me. So I chose not to do that. However! His Chicco Keyfit 30 would take up the whole back basket of the cart! I piled groceries in places of that cart most people don’t know exist. He had groceries overflowing on either side of him and I even found myself placing items ON him! The loaf of bread fit perfectly on his lap that first month! One day I stood there looking at the mess in my cart and I realized that had to be entirely unsafe as well. “What now?” I thought “I can’t possibly get to the store without my circus in tow.” I needed a baby carrier… and fast! But which one?
There were so many options and everyone had their own opinion about which one I needed. I headed to my go-to shop to buy the K’tan– certainly that is what carrier I needed. (I picked this one from the sweet picture posted on the box, and the fact it looked like the easiest to put on.) Honestly, once I got there the sales associate said I could try it on! Like, take it out of the box and actually put my son in it! He hated it. He was a huge baby and did not want to be snuggled securely to my chest. He wanted to stretch out and see the world! I tried on a few more carriers and was so grateful I got to test-drive them all before purchasing (seriously where else can you do that!?) Together, my son and I decided on the Ergo. We couldn’t be happier!
Having the right carrier has saved me so many times! I pop that carrier on and slip my little man in… We rule the grocery store now! He’s fussy at a birthday party? I can put him in that and rock him to sleep (and still be hands free for cake!) Honestly, I feel like Super Mom! Not to mention all of those sweet baby kisses I get to give my little man on top of his head!
Little Jagger is pictured in the Aussie Khaki Ergo Carrier $115.00
Kayla Harris is the mother of two wonderfully active kids. Her daughter Jaidyn is 6 years old and her son Jagger is 1. She married her high school sweetheart who is a wonderful and inspiring father. She currently lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with her family and manages a local, coffee shop. She enjoys fitness, and you can often find her at the gym during the evening or fitting in a work-out at her daughter’s cheer practice! Kayla enjoys being an active parent and loves to take pleasure in the many exciting things to do in Washington State, one family favorite is going to the Puyallup Farmer’s Market. She enjoys indulging in sweets, especially chocolate, and shopping for her two children!