Boys Holiday Fashion

Boys Holiday Fashion

Let’s be honest. We could spend hours looking at adorable, pink, frilly little girls clothes. It’s always so much fun! However, little boys can be just as much fun. The industry has come a LONG way in boys fashion and it’s not just toy trains and tractors anymore 😉 Have you ever seen a newborn in a tie? Well it’s adorable, and this season we are bringing you the absolute cutest boys holiday fashion around.

Argyle Sweater

Shop SugarBabies- K&K Argyle Sweater

This argyle sweater…is everything. I love seeing little boys dressed as men…it’s so darn adorable 🙂 This paired with either the black pants below or some dark jeans..would be perfect!

Mayoral Plaid Shirt

Shop SugarBabies- Mayoral Plaid ShirtThis red shirt, with the black pants or red pants. The Grey sweater vest and red moccs???? Picture worthy! Make sure to add the red plaid bow tie to complete this daper look.

Black Pants

Shop SugarBabies- K&K Black PantsPerfect staple piece for any holiday outfit

Grey Formal Button Down

Shop SugarBabies- Grey Formal Button Down ShirtThis shirt with the matching herringbone pants below is amazing. The hat is even available in the store! This with the plaid bow tie or tie would make the cutest Santa pictures this year 🙂

RuggedButts Herringbone Pants

Shop SugarBabies- RuggedButts Herringbone Pants


Mud Pie Patchwork Plaid Tie

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie Patchwork Plaid TieRuggedButts Plaid Bow Tie

Shop SugarBabies- RuggedButts Plaid Bow Tie

Sweater Vest

Shop SugarBabies- K&K Grey Sweater Vest

Mayoral Red Trousers

Shop SugarBabies- Mayoral Red Trousers

and of course the cutest of shoes to match these awesome outfit options…

Baby Moccs- Red Rover

Shop SugarBabies- Baby Moccs Red Rover

So you can wear these any time of the year but, how festive are they for the holidays?!

Livie & Luca Vintage Brown

Shop SugarBabies- Livie & Luca Vintage Brown Dress Shoe

I love these leather brown shoes. They are dressy enough for a holiday outfit, yet still comfy and give it a little edge.

Wee Squeak Black Loafers

Shop SugarBabies- Wee Squeak Black Loafers

Again with the dressing up as dad! Mini loafers! These are so cute, comfy and perfect for dressing up for a fancy party or picture!

All of these boys holiday fashion looks are super easy to achieve with pairing any of the pieces together. Don’t forget the accessories! Whether a bow tie, tie or hat- to complete these adorable looks 🙂

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Also- if you are wanting to get into the holiday spirit, make sure to head down to our store! It’s completely decorated with a tree and all..I even heard they were playing Christmas music!

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