Back To School Tips & Necessities

Back To School Tips & Necessities

It seems as though the years fly by when you start a family. I know for us it speeds up even more when summer comes and goes. No matter how much we complain about our rainy weather and lack of sun, up here in the North West, Autumn is gorgeous. The colors, the crisp air and of course the FASHION! The transition between summer and fall- going back to school- can be quite difficult sometimes, and we at SugarBabies want to help make the transition easier for you 🙂 Whether it’s new routines or figuring out the most practical, cute, fashion items we’ve got you covered!


  1. Isn’t it true that during the summer months we lose track of all routine. We stay up late with family movie nights and never set an alarm. This makes it a little difficult to get back into 7 am school mode. Implementing your new routine at least a week before school starts, is a simple way to ease your little ones into the new time change. Try starting bedtime half an hour earlier every few nights and waking them up a little earlier each morning as it gets closer to the beginning of school. Setting an alarm, even if it’s not any earlier than normal will get them used to waking up to it.
  2. Making your dinner routine the same time every night a few weeks before back to school will help your kids’ body acclimate to the new time change as well. Instead of eating at 8 pm on a week night, they will begin eating at a normal time that they will know is before the night time routine.
  3. Picking out outfits the night before is such a huge time saver and groggy angry child saver! Having items laid out nicely, underwear included, is a great way to make sure there are no last minute tantrums as your headed to the bus and they are included in the decision so there are no surprises.
  4. Having bags packed, homework folders, papers signed the night before and waiting by the door is a huge stress saver! It might seem tedious to get all this accomplished a head of time, but in the end you will be so glad you aren’t struggling running around the morning of school. When you are stressed out, your kids will be too.


Rain Gear! We all know how needed these are, and will be this upcoming fall. Your kids DO NOT care if it is pouring down rain at their recess. They will happily go play regardless. We have a variety of adorable raincoats and boots that fit the needs of a child and the fashion of us parents. These Hatley Rain Coats can be found on our website along with other styles of coats. Rain Boots are also available in a variety of colors, prints that match some of our raincoats making one adorable little set.

SugarBabies Rain coat- Hatley

Every kid needs a great back pack. Luckily we have the best quality, functional and cutest ones! Check out the latest Skip*Hop back pack/lunch bag sets that suit any age from pre-k to middle school.

Are you a new mom and looking for a non traditional/easy to use diaper bag? We have a variety of back pack style Diaper Bags that will fit all your needs.

Sugar Babies Skip Hop Back Packs

We have seen such a huge growth in the fashion industry for beanies! No matter what age or gender it seems a good beanie or hat is a great fall accessory! Check out these soft, warm beanies that your child will love all while keeping them warm.

SugarBabies striped Beanie

Here’s to a fresh start, a new fall, and new experiences. Hope these back to school tips help you and your family get back on track! OH, and try to enjoy those peaceful 6 hours-you deserve it!

Take a look at the full SugarBabies Fall Fashion line; perfect for starting the school year off right:

Shop Girls Fall Fashion

Shop Boys Fall Fashion



  1. Loved this article!!!!

  2. This is great! Easing back into routines in baby steps sounds much more doable than switching from summer mode to school mode overnight!

  3. Great tips! Those first weeks can be crazy :/ I wish we were ready for fall fashion in AZ lol. We still have a few months. For now I’ll just window shop!

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