Baby’s First Birthday

Baby’s First Birthday

Pretty sure I rocked a diaper on my first birthday. Like all day. All the pictures of me at my party I am running around with my literal birthday suite on 🙂 Which I do find adorable for babies. These days, there are soooooo many adorable first birthday outfits for your little ones. You will honestly look at these pictures for years and years to come, so make them adorable! Here are some of our favorite looks for baby’s first birthday.

One Hat

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie 1 HatDino Shirt

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie Dino Birthday Shirt

Dino Bib

Shop SugarBabies- Mud PIe Dino Birthday Bib

Football Crawler

Shop SugarBabies- Mud PIe Birthday Football Crawler

Football Bib

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie Birthday Football Bib

Rocker Tee

SugarBabies- Rocker Tee Birthday Shirt(Crown sold separate)

Glitter Bloomers

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie Glitter Birthday Bloomers

Tutu and Hat Set

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie Birthday Glitter Tutu and Hat set

Cake Smash Set

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie Cake smash setTunic/Legging Set

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie I'm One Glitter Tuic and Legging Set

Zebra Set

Shop SugarBabies- Baby Love 1st Birthday Zebra Tutu Set

Glitter Onesie

Shop SugarBabies- Glitter First Birthday Onesie

Birthday Banner

Shop SugarBabies- Mud Pie High Chair Banner

These high chair birthday banner’s are so adorable and they are a great way to add some flair to the high chair! Everyone can gather round the high chair for the cake smash and you will have one great picture!

Birthday Poster

Shop SugarBabies- Birthday Poster

I have always seen these awesome chalk board art birthday signs and was wondering how people had the time, or creativity to draw this! NOW I get it 🙂 How awesome is this? Pre-drawn, you just fill in the blanks. Perfect to take a picture with and remember all the details of that age.



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