Baby Jogger City Select- Review

Baby Jogger City Select- Review

Strollers are such a big investment for your family. You have endless hours of researching the best one and perfect fit, and then there is the financial aspect. Take it from a mom of three, who’s been through a’s no easy task! I recently purchased a Baby Jogger City Select from SugarBabies and I wanted to write up a review on what I am loving about it!

Now I feel this post needs a little background information…so you can fully grasp why this stroller is such a rock-star.

There is a 7 year gap between my oldest and youngest child, and a 5 and  half year gap between my middle and youngest. So when it came time to start registering for baby gear I had some serious research to do as the entire baby market had changed. There were literally hundreds of new strollers in the baby scene and I had no ideas which one to even start looking at. Long story short we ended up going with a Britax B-Agile stroller and infant seat. It looked good enough, good price point, and sleek design. At 3 months of age-and using our stroller…the wheel stopped moving, kept getting stuck and it was a useless stroller. Annoyed as I was, I was not able to return the stroller as it had been a gift purchased from Amazon. No one to connect with about my problem with it, no feedback, just a waste. My Aunt and I were at Nordstrom’s shortly after and saw an amazing, beautiful stroller pass on. She gifted me a Stokke Xplory and it was gorgeous to say the least. There was no “problem” with this stroller per say…it moved like a dream and I got comments everywhere I went. But there was literally NO storage under the stroller, no tray or cup holder for the child and the older he got the more frustrated he would get when we went out.

At this point I wanted something I could use for the rest of my time my son was in a stroller. I wanted a practical stroller, one that I could store stuff in, he could have his snacks and juice in. I needed a stroller that fit my mom of three, in and out of car, long shopping trips, amusement park lifestyle. I had never actually purchased any “big” baby gear at SugarBabies before…and I have no idea why. I walked in with m2y intentions of leaving with a new stroller. Ashley, the owner, answered every single nit picky question I had, guided me to a few strollers that fit my needs..and showed me how to work each of them. When I left with my Baby Jogger City Select I was so thrilled and excited, and so incredibly happy I had the research and info done for me. This is what to expect from SugarBabies.

Now onto the stroller itself…

Baby Jogger City Select

SugarBabies Blog- Baby JOgger City Select Review

Why I picked it:

  • Large storage area
  • Easy to close and fold away
  • Wheels move easily- turns easily
  • Sleek Design
  • Seat can lay down, sit up as well as foot rest
  • You can add on another seat creating a double stroller (future children)
  • You can purchase a tray and cup holder accessory to use with the stroller

SugarBabies Blog- Baby Jogger City Select Review



People love our SPF 50+ sun canopy because it really throws a lot of shade on a sunny day. It has a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure so you can quietly check on your little one and it can be adjusted for differing head heights and multiple positions as you open or close it.

This seat was built for comfort. It reclines to a near flat position with vents and a retractable weather cover to make sure that your child is comfy and safe while you stroll. The raised kicker is ideal for accommodating small children and it provides easy access to the under seat basket.
With over 16 possible configurations you can make the City Select work for your family. Front facing, parent facing, sibling facing: whatever you need. Add a Second Seat to make it a double. Throw in a Glider Board and you’ve got a triple. (Second Seat Kit and Glider Board sold separately)
SugarBabies Blog- Baby Jogger City Select Review
Set your 8” lightweight front wheels to swivel for your daily obstacle course or lock for long distance strolling. The 12” forever-air rear tires allow the City Select to cover all kinds of terrain.

Handlebar & Brake
A telescoping handlebar adjusts to your height and a hand-operated parking brake keeps all the controls within reach.

Travel System
The City Select can become a travel system in a heartbeat using the Car Seat Adapter. Just choose the adapter compatible with your car seat and you’ve got a customized travel system for your infant. You can also add a Bassinet Kit to handle even the littlest of passengers. (Car Seat Adapter and Bassinet Kit sold separately).


Well, I unfortunately was so convinced I had bad luck with strollers that I thought I had purchased another bad egg. My first go at taking it for a spin led in the front wheel locking every two steps. I kept unlocking them and they kept locking as I moved forward. I was so frustrated. I went on YouTube only to find this was a common problem. Or so I thought. After getting a replacement set of wheels sent to me from baby Jogger, and thinking those too were incorrect, my husband pointed out I was locking and unlocking them incorrectly. Which means they worked the entire time, I just didn’t realize it. So…click the lever to the Left for unlocked wheels and to the right for locked. Simple as that 😉
SugarBabies Blog- Baby JOgger City Select Front Wheel Locking

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