I want to personally thank you for visiting our blog! Opening SugarBabies was a dream come true and your support since day one make my heart so full! It is truly and honor to have become one of your most trusted sources for baby gear, fashion and advice.

So, why the blog you ask? Over the past decade parents have trusted SugarBabies to bring them the very best baby products on the market. SugarBabies has become a trusted source for baby items because we take the guesswork out of shopping. I personally research and compare every product before it is available for purchase. Several times a year I hit the airways and travel to some of the top baby markets in the country in search of new  and innovative products and up to the moment fashion trends.

I take each request and suggestion into consideration while at these shows. For instance, we now offer three types of cloth diapers. While it is not a wide selection it is the best out there. Based on customer feedback and requests, intense research and hands on exploration we are able to narrow down hundreds of brands to the top three options.

I am SO thankful I am able to help bring amazing products to families around the world. So, thank you for helping to make my dreams come true!



I’m Carley, I have been part of the SugarBabies team for three years and have worn many hats. Presently, I work in marketing. I am always looking for new opportunities to enhance the customer experience in store and online. I love my job because I get to improve the lives of parents by introducing them to new and innovative baby products. It feels great offering products that have been extensively researched and tested by real moms. My all time favorite SugarBabies product is the Blooming Bath. This is my go to gift for baby showers – it has an excellent price point, makes life easier and is totally cute.



I am a science loving, photo taking, outdoor adventuring, and first time mom to a baby girl. I started my blogging journey when my husband’s job moved us to Hawaii in 2009. After an amazing five years, we moved back to the PNW and welcomed our girl just a year later. The scientist in me loves research, experimenting and testing, and this extended into the baby world as well. Being a part of the SugarBabies team has given me the outlet to connect with you on all things baby, pregnancy and parenthood. Be sure to check in often, we have so much to share!


Stephanie Fox

Hi! I’m Stephanie a working mom of two beautiful girls. I enjoy the outdoors with my husband and kids on our days off and taking time for myself, with my girlfriends when I can. Working for Sugarbabies has brought so much joy to my working life. It’s hard not to be happy when you are introduced to so many wonderful parents who trust you with the perfect look for photos or helping them in welcoming their new bundle of joy into this world. You can catch me on the sales floor, so please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything I can help with.




Hi, I’m Cristy, a wife, mom to an adorable toddler, friend, sister, daughter, Junior Leaguer, water lover and world traveler. is my journey through motherhood where I share my experiences so I can connect to other parents and give back similar to other bloggers have done for me. I am passionate about my family, friends, entertaining, traveling, crafting, home décor, celebrating and organizing.

alicia colburn-1

Alecia Colburn

Mother of two beautiful children. I am on a journey to eat healthier and use natural non-toxic products. I’m passionate about cooking, and living an organic paleo lifestyle. I started making my own DIY natural products for the house. I’ve also gone au natural for my makeup/bath/body/hair etc. too!


Hayley Thorne

My name is Hayley Thorne & I’m 33 years old. I’m from County Durham England, but live in South Yorkshire England with my husband whom I met while studying at University all those years ago. We’re currently expecting our first child – a little boy. We’re also parents to our little Teacup Chihuahua Coco. I work full time in a University Library as well as running a media business I own with my husband… So I’m always super busy.


Stephanie Dobson

Hi! My name is Stephanie! I am a momma to two beautiful boys, a lover of good eats, fun travels, home renovations and everything having to do with my sweet family ! You can catch me over at to see what my guys and I are up to! I hope you all enjoy my guest posts here on the Sugar Babies blog!


Becca Durlin

Becca Durlin is a 20 something wife and stay at home mama. She loves cooking and dancing in the kitchen, chasing the light with her camera and documenting everything via Instagram. As well as blogging real life and encouraging other mamas along the way. She is currently dwelling in Colorado and loving every day she is blessed with living the life she had always dreamed of. Imperfections, chaos and all.


Sarisa Trew

Hi there! My name is Sarisa Trew. I currently live here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and dangerously close to the SugarBabies shop. I manage the blog, Let’s Blame the Rain, where I blog about food, family and fun in the Pacific Northwest. I am currently engaged to my high school sweetheart, Jesse, and I am the mother of a strong-spirited little girl named Zayli. Every day with my family is a blessing, and motherhood could not be a more rewarding job for me. I believe that life is best enjoyed with travel, family, great food, and some seriously strong coffee.


Krystal is the owner and author of and She began her social media journey in 2006, when she began blogging and hosting a weekly internet radio show about her time as a Walt Disney World Cast Member. Now as a mother of two, she is a dedicated social media mom wanting to inspire other families by sharing baby/kid product reviews, family lifestyle and her journey as a natural mama.


Hello, I am Sia and I own a blog called Diary of a Fit Mommy. Diary of a Fit Mommy is dedicated to pregnant & postpartum women’s diet and fitness. I started the blog when I became pregnant with my first child and it motivated me to keep a strong and fit pregnancy. I enjoy inspiring other mothers to regain their pre-pregnancy shape and to enjoy a healthy pregnancy by posting new diet & fitness tips, workouts, clean eating recipes, and inspiring stories daily. It is time for the fit mommy movement to begin!

Jason & Meagan

Jason and Meagan were introduced by his 8 and 9 year old daughters May of 2013 and married in March of 2014. They were pregnant within 4 months of the marriage and only 2 months after the reversed vasectomy. As both have experienced one practice marriage, they now depend on love, laughter, God and their friendship as the pillars of their relationship. Jason is the analytical planner of this team and Meagan is the creative genius, so you can count on fun and authentic dialogue. Since the baby news broke, you can find them somewhere between moving at the speed of life or cuddled on the couch enjoying a Netflix marathon while debating whether to find out the baby’s gender before or after delivery.

Welcome! I'm Ashley, the owner of SugarBabies but my most important job is being mom to three wonderful kids. This new blog is going to be a lot of fun and very informative. SugarBabies has always brought you the best baby products on the market and now we have teamed up with some fantastic mom bloggers. Together, we are going to share lots of tips, tricks, advice and products to make this parenting thing a bit easier.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stay awhile!

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