ABC Kids Expo Day 4

ABC Kids Expo Day 4

So remember when I shared that awesome picture of the TokiDoki founder drawing for us….well that was a hint as to what we ordered for you! ABC Kids Expo day 4 was probably the most exciting yet! Toki Doki has teamed up with Kanga Care (Rumparooz) to collab on some awesome prints for cloth diapers and accessories. We will be adding both of the awesome prints below in Teal and Black. We also ordered the infamous WET BAGS you all have been asking for, in the TokiDoki print!

SugarBabies Blog- Day 4 ABC Kids Expo

SugarBabies Blog- ABC Kids Expo Day 4I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!

So excited for these to hit the shop for your little ones. I know we have such a great collection of cloth diapers and we are so excited to add this to it! Kanga Care is a new line for us and we are excited to see what you all think of it! The cute prints, soft product are great selling points with us! We are so certain you will love this new line and print that we have created a waiting list to be put on as SOON as they hit our shelves…. Rumparooz Product Alert

Available for sale on November 5h


Do you have a teether that likes to gnaw on everything? Or do you have a toddler who likes to throw everything off his high chair on the ground? I do! And I am sure you do too… 🙂 This new company is awesome. Their featured product is a toy tether that sticks to surfaces.


SugarBabies Blog- Day 4 ABC Kids Expo

SugarBabies Blog- Day 4 ABC Kids Expo

So Innovative and clever!

New From Clek

New Capri Color in Oobr/Fllo/Foonf Style Car Seats

SugarBabies Blog- ABC Kids Expo Day 4 IMG_4908

New TokiDoki Print in all style car seats


Our time here at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo has come to an end and we are so incredibly excited for all of the new gear and products we have found. The creativity and innovative products these companies are putting out is truly amazing.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all the sneak peeks and products! Be sure to check out all the posts about our four day trip –  you won’t want to miss any of our amazing finds!

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