5 Maternity Styles

5 Maternity Styles

All you want to do when you’re pregnant is feel cute. Am I right? It seems the weight gain, body changes, swollen feet, “not your body anymore” symptoms just have you feeling not-so-hot. Long gone the days of tight mini skirts and crop tops…well for most of us 😉 Just because you’re pregnant DOES NOT mean you can’t be stylish! I’ve compiled a couple maternity styles that are perfect for fall, function and style, and of course your growing bump!

  • Handkerchief Tunic

    – This light weight, long sleeve tunic is the PERFECT top to wear throughout your entire pregnancy. It’s flowy and long so you could pair it with leggings and still feel put together! This shirt is totally universal and could dress up or down. The really cool thing about this shirt? You can wear it before AND after pregnancy! Trying to hide the post baby belly….yes. Comfy lounge around house shirt? Yes. All around my favorite piece this fall. Shop SugarBabies- Handkerchief Tunic

  • Shirred Dress

    – This dress is amazing. It’s functional and adorable AND comfy. What more do you want in maternity wear? This would be perfect with some converse, a jean jacket and scarf. OR dress it up with some maternity leggings, tall boots and a cute chunky sweater. Shop SugarBabies- 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Dress

  • I’m So Pregnant Tee

    – The past year has been all about graphic tees. Well this one you will want. After three pregnancies I really wish I would have had this shirt. Those first three months where you look like you maybe had a burrito or two, or ten. But WAIT! “I’m pregnant I swear!” This shirt is perfect for letting onlookers know just that. And then when you are 39 weeks and five days pregnant…this is how you will feel. “I’m So Pregnant.” At that point it won’t matter what you pair this shirt with… 🙂Shop SugarBabies- I'm So Pregnant Tee

  • Leggings

    – I LIVED in leggings. For 9 months, three separate times. If there is a “hot” maternity item to get your money’s worth, these would be them. But seriously, normal leggings don’t even cut it when you are pregnant. You will try maternity leggings on for one second and be like “yup.” These are supportive, comfortable and go with anything. The waist band can be worn up or down for your comfort level. TRY THEM!Shop SugarBabies- Maternity Leggings

  • Skinny Jean

    – I know how sad the day is when your favorite skinny jeans don’t button anymore. Now you don’t have to be sad! They have come such a long way in maternity denim. These dark wash skinny jeans are perfect for your growing tummy. With a low rise waist band it sits right underneath your belly, giving you relief and comfort. They are stretchy and can be dressed up or down. These are a maternity item worth investing in as you will be living in them all nine months!Shop SugarBabies- Dark Wash Denim Maternity Jeans

I hope all these items give you piece of mind knowing there is soooo many options for stylish maternity wear! You don’t have to wear your husbands over sized T-Shirts anymore! Check out more maternity options online or in the store!

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