5 Essentials for Work at Home Moms

5 Essentials for Work at Home Moms

No matter if you’re a work at home mom, stay at home mom or mom who works outside of the home. Juggling schedules, meals, paperwork, needs of older children…it all adds up. As a work at home mom myself, I wanted to share today some essentials that truly helped in making life easier juggling it all. Here are some ideas to put on the baby shower list that might help when facing business and baby.

5 Essentials for Work at Home Moms

1. Wraps – These are amazing when handling a newborn and multi-tasking. Mainly for the nearly hands-free factor and ability to keep your newborn comforted. Don’t let them intimate you. They are simple to use and get easier with practice.

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack – This diaper bag makes it easy for moms “on the go”. Sometimes when you work from home, being called outside of the home is frequent. You can swing the backpack style onto your back, leaving you virtually hands-free. I have also used this diaper bag with a front carrier (both Ergo and Tula) and a wrap without any issue or overly bulky feeing. It also fits everything neatly (extra clothing, diapers, bottles, wipes, etc.) for at least two children.

3. Nuna Leaf – Sometimes when checking emails, taking phone calls and typing, holding baby just isn’t happening. However, we like to have our little ones close by. This baby seat is perfect as it is mobile to move around the house for use in the office, the laundry room and maybe even get in that shower. Plus, it grows to handle “big kids” for a special seat of their own with a weight limit of birth – 130lbs. BONUS!

4. Tula Baby Carrier – Once baby has met the weight requirements to use this carrier, I highly recommend it. I broke my tail bone in delivery and this carrier has never caused my hips or back to hurt from use. Plus, when it is time to go grocery shopping, it is so much easier to carry baby hands-free. No juggling groceries and a stroller.

5. Innobaby’s Keepin’ Fresh™ Stainless Bento – This is perfect for meal planning ahead for a toddler. Keep your child’s meals fresh by prepping them the night prior and keeping them in one of these types of containers. Then you have an easy lunch to pull out for those crazy days when even making a meal seems like a task.



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