Teething Woe’s and How We’re Handling Them

Teething Woe’s and How We’re Handling Them
You’ve heard the stories. Teething is rough and each and every baby responds completely different than the next (some babies have even been born WITH teeth)! Yep, I know that’s completely nuts! However, whenever your baby actually does begin teething it can really throw you for a loop. I know it sure did with us! Hunter started VERY early by many peoples standards. He was right around a month old, yes I realize that sounds crazy but a mom knows what a mom knows.
We were just totally naïve, exhausted, new parents who had NO clue what we were doing and had little knowledge about teething. That stuff isn’t supposed to happen for MONTHS.Well life throws curve balls let me tell you, and lets be honest that’s pretty much parenthood in a nut shell!

Here’s how we are getting through it

1. All the teething things!

Ones you put in the fridge, ones that are just silicone, and ones that are are wearable. Don’t discriminate! They all serve a purpose! Here are some SUPER adorable, and functional ones you can find on the SugarBabies website: Little Standout Teether’s
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2. Hylands Teething Tablets

These little things are the greatest ever! I wish we’d have had them from the beginning. 2-3 of them and H is a whole new baby! Definitely something I recommend!

3. LOTS of Patience and Snuggles

When all else fails sometimes my little chunk of love needs me. Not daddy, not grandpa or grandma. Me. He needs me to hold, rock, comfort and sway side to side. Whatever he needs, I’ll do it. Because as his mama that’s what I’ll do. Even if it’s hard. Even if I am fall over exhausted, because really when you think about it teething is terrifying! There’s a reason we don’t remember it, thank goodness!
Essentially though, roll with it and listen to your baby’s ques. Even though its hard. YOU will get through this! Teething is only a phase!
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