3 Thing’s All New Mom’s Need to Hear

3 Thing’s All New Mom’s Need to Hear

1. You are beautiful

Not to be confused with you “look” beautiful.. Here’s why. All new mom’s are squishy, lumpy and pretty much just feeling like a deflated balloon of our former selves. Most women ( not saying all ) won’t believe you. Yes, I know that’s terrible and Yes deep down we know you’re right. But, in that state its hard to “feel” like it.

SugarBabies Blog- 3 Thing's All New Mom's Should Hear

2. You’re baby looks so healthy!

Great job! REGARDLESS, of how a mom chooses to feed their child she should be commended for her efforts. There is no one right way to nourish a child. Boob, bottle, tube. Each is a perfectly viable option. & NO ONE should be told otherwise. So next time you see a mom feeding her baby, tell her she doing a great job. It will probably make her day! If nothing else it will make her smile.

3 Thing's All New Mom's Should Hear

3.It’s okay, to NOT be okay.

All new moms have hormones rushing, anxieties are high & uncertainty is very real. No one is handed a handbook on how to handle sleepless nights, screaming babies, or determining if its colic or just gas. So when tensions are getting to her and all she wants is to cry, LET HER! Getting it out and just having a good deep bawl session can be so therapeutic. However if the sadness and depressed feelings/symptoms don’t go away. Please talk you your doctor! Mental health is just as important as anything else & certainly not something to be ashamed of!

Overall, being a new mom is the greatest, hardest and most awe inspiring of experiences. Everyone reacts differently and with each child it can be a totally different ball game as well. Just know that Postpartum is important. It should be treated with respect and given time to play out. If you can don’t rush to get back to the normal you think you should have but give yourself time to discover what your new normal looks like and how it fits into your new adventure. Congratulations on the greatest gift you’ll ever receive, you’re gonna do awesome! Thank you for reading and i hope where ever you are in your mom journey you know you’re doing a great job!

Becca Durlin is a 20 something wife and stay at home mama. She loves cooking and dancing in the kitchen, chasing the light with her camera and documenting everything via Instagram. As well as blogging real life and encouraging other mamas along the way. She is currently dwelling in Colorado and loving every day she is blessed with living the life she had always dreamed of. Imperfections, chaos and all.

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