10 Nursery Items you Need

10 Nursery Items you Need

How are you supposed to know all the things you are going to NEED for your baby ifย  it’s your first time? How are you supposed to know the difference between what baby products you won’t ever, ever use…and the ones you cannot live without? Mom Blogs of course! Here are 10 nursery items you need for your little one, and can’t live without ๐Ÿ™‚

Diaper Caddy

Having a spot for ALL of your diaper duty items is essential. Like way necessary. Whether they are 1 month or 2 years you are going to want to be able to grab that diaper, the cream, and the wipes very fast. Keep it all contained in an easy to use andย  re-stock station right next to or on your changing table.

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Clothing Closet Dividers

This wasn’t necessarily always a thing. I don’t recall this awesome product when my older two were babies. I mean, it’s not the craziest idea…pretty simple actually. BUT what a game changer. When you have a baby you usually have baby showers. At these baby showers you get lots and lots and lots of clothes. Usually you get a wide variety of sizes. You get home, wash everything and then some what panic at how you are going to organize all of them. Here is how. These adorable dividers make it so incredibly easy to organize all the clothes. There are so many different styles, patterns and colors to match any nursery! Closet Dividers

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Clothing Hamper

This might seem either a no brainer, or a not necessary item. Well, it is necessary. You will be going through about 5 onesies a day, 4 pairs of pants, 10 bibs, 10 burp rags and honestly lots of other things. If your laundry machine is on another level of your house than the nursery this is even more crutial. You need a spot to throw the clothes immediately after taking them off. Then all of those soiled clothes need to go to the laundry room right? You really don’t want to touch them…

The below clothing hamper actually doubles as a bassinet holder!! Talk about bang for your buck ๐Ÿ™‚

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Diaper Pale

This is probably that no brainer I was talking about. But eh, it’s still got to be said. And if you don’t need convincing that you will need a bin for your child’s smelly diapers, at least I can convince you why you need a realllllllly good one. I have had a few that just didn’t work. Plain and simple. You could smell the dirty diapers from all over the house. The Ubbi diaper pail is a lock in that stench kind of system ๐Ÿ™‚ And it comes in allll the adorable colors you would want in a nursery.

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Super Cute Night Light

It gets pretty dark in a room at night. Though your baby won’t notice the difference, you will. Trying to nurse and fumble around with your shirt, latching on, finding a binkie, changing a diaper all of these things- in the dark- sucks. I found, this night light helps SO much. You won’t want to have a bright light on as it could stir your baby.


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Storage Bins

I found it much easier to use storage bins rather than dresser drawers for the first few months. Little baby things are literally SO tiny. I used a bin for socks and shoes, a bin for onesies, a bin for hats and mittens etc. You could also use them to organize books, toys and blankets your have that need to be put away some where. So many cute bins to choose from!

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Super Soft Changing Pad Covers

If you do decide to use a changing table, the most crucial part will be just how soft your changing pad cover is. Laying your little naked on a soft chenille cover will make them SO SO happy. Wouldn’t it make you happy?

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Wipes Warmer

I didn’t think I would need this, and maybe it’s not NEEDED, but it is wanted. All three of my kids would cringe, squirm and maybe even squeal when I pulled out the cold, wet wipes to change their diaper with. When I bought a warmer you could tell they were instantly at ease. It makes for much easier clean ups and less fussy babies!

Shop SugarBabies Blog- Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer Calming Noise Maker

This is such a lifesaver. Babies need white noise. They are soothed by noise and will sleep much much easier and longer with it. In m 20 month old’s room right now, he has summer crickets…always. He hears it now and associates it with sleeping. This awesome product, the Baby Shusher, is so great for this. And you can take it with you anywhere for a calm, happy, sleeping baby.

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A Really Comfy Rocking Chair

It might seem like it’s for the baby, but it’s a lot for us moms ๐Ÿ™‚ Rocking our sweet little ones to sleep has got to be one of the best highlights of being a mom.

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